Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bloggers' Brunch at Random House

It was lovely to visit the Random House HQ in London on Saturday and chat with about twenty of the UK's most prominent Young Adult book bloggers about my forthcoming YA paranormal Witchstruck, due out July.

It was just a pity I chose to close my eyes at precisely the wrong moment here. But that will teach me not to exchange writerly banter with my fellow authors - John Lucas in the white shirt and Bali Rai in the dark sweater - when a photograph is being taken!

Random House has also blogged about our fun Bloggers' Brunch, with quotations from the bloggers who attended and also a photo of our buffet table - not to be missed!

It was a great day, where I met some really interesting, lively and informed bloggers on the UK book scene. If you see yourself here, do please leave a comment and say hi.

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