Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Tale of Two Tudors

I'm feeling a little two-pronged at the moment. This year I have two novels due out, both set in Tudor times but otherwise very different in content and character, and I've been bouncing back and forth between the two publishers recently - Transworld and Random House Children's Books - as we agree on covers, proofs and launch publicity. It's enough to make my head spin some days, but a lovely opportunity to extend myself as a writer. I know how lucky I am, trust me.

The Queen's Secret hardback cover has now been agreed upon - real eleventh hour stuff, as the book should be in the shops by February 17th - and I'm just arranging a series of launch-month events. More details of these to follow soon.

My other novel, which is a Tudor paranormal for Young Adults called Witchstruck, is due out in July and is now at the copy-edits stage. I've just written my dedication and acknowledgements for the book, plus seen a possible cover for it - very exciting! - and am currently planning the next book in this paranormal series. The Amazon blurb for Witchstruck says:

Twilight meets The Other Boleyn Girl in this gripping and passionate tale of Meg, a spirited young witch learning her craft amidst the danger and intrigue of sixteenth-century England.

I almost wish I hadn't written Witchstruck. It sounds like such a great read - and I already know what happens!

You can pre-order these books on both Amazon UK and Amazon US, or grab them from a bookshop as they come out.

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