Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Queen's Secret

The Queen's Secret is currently available on a reduced promotion for only £2.84 on Amazon Kindle.

The Queen's Secret is also available at the reduced price of £2.99 from the Apple iBooks store. That's for any compatible i-device, such as iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.

N.B. These reduced offers are for a limited period only.

Elizabeth I, Queen of England, arrives at Kenilworth Castle amid pomp, fanfare and a wealth of lavish festivities, laid on by the Earl of Leicester. The hopeful Earl knows this is his very last chance to persuade the Queen to marry him.

But despite his attachment to the Queen and his driving ambition to be her King, Leicester is unable to resist the seductive wiles of Lettice, wife of the Earl of Essex. And soon whispers of their relationship start spreading through the court.

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