Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Round-Up Of This Week's News (with Kittens!)

Bo-Bo and Jangles, caught in the middle of planning something mischievous!
MAIN STORY: Two Gorgeous Kittens
This week we acquired two gorgeous dark tabby kittens, whom we have named Bo-Bo and Jangles. They are very cute but a little bit mischievous. As one might expect from eight week old kittens!

On the negative side, I don't think our Red Setter puppy is terribly pleased with their arrival. Especially when they use the litter tray in front of her! This she seems to consider a personal affront, judging by the dreadful noises she makes.

Writing Retreat
I'm off up to the wilds of Yorkshire this coming weekend, to a tiny cottage on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors which I often rent when facing a deadline. There, I hope to catch up on my writing schedule for a few weeks in glorious isolation. Internet access will be limited, so don't expect too many blog posts. Wish me luck!

Best Books About Tudor England
This is a list I've just noticed on Goodreads and cheekily added The Queen's Secret to it. I'd be hugely grateful to any Goodreads members who feel able to vote for it too. It's currently lurking at around #181 in the list, so could do with a push!

Sir Thomas Wyatt: poet, lover, courtier
I've also blogged this week on the English Historical Fiction Authors site about the dashing poet and courtier, Sir Thomas Wyatt, whose name is often romantically linked with Anne Boleyn's. But did you know that Henry VIII may have had an affair with Wyatt's wife?

Lovely US Review of Witchstruck
I recently "met" a reviewer online at Goodreads whose reading tastes eerily echo my own, so I took a chance and sent her my two Tudor novels, Witchstruck and The Queen's Secret. The only drawback is that Jessie lives in the States, where neither of these books is yet available, though both should be in the future. But I guess it will be good to have an advance readership in the US. She has now reviewed Witchstruck very generously on her blog, Ageless Pages. Do jump over and take a peek, not just at my own review, but at all the other Good Things to be found there.

Promo Price on The Queen's Secret
Oh, and do please remember, The Queen's Secret is still crazily reduced on Amazon Kindle to the bargain price of just £2.84. Not sure how long that promo will last.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Have lovely time in the wilds of North Yorkshire. The kittens are gorgeous and I'm sure they'll soon have your red setter well trained so that he knows his place (pretty much wherever they rell him to go!)

  2. Thanks!

    The Red Setter's a she - we only do girl animals in this house! - but yes, she's quickly learning that sticking her nose in the kittens' basket can be a very painful experience. Though of course, being a Red Setter, she forgets easily and as soon as she spots one running across the kitchen floor, the whole thing happens again.


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