Thursday, 18 October 2012

Book Clubs

Several people have told me this week that their book clubs are reading The Queen's Secret. I'm absolutely delighted by this, as I have belonged to several book clubs myself, and I think it will fit the book club ethos very well.

Because of this development, I've put together some information for anyone considering The Queen's Secret or Witchstruck for their book club. And here it is ...

If you belong to a book club that is reading one of my books, I am happy to answer email questions about my work or writing in general. Please state Book Club Query in the subject line if you can, to ensure quick attention.

My email address is victoria.lamb44 @

In some cases, I am even able to attend book club meetings in person, if given plenty of advance notice. Since I am currently based in the South West, other areas of the UK might prove tricky. But it's always worth asking.

I occasionally have small promotional materials or information sheets available that can be given out to book club members who are reading one of my books. Again, please contact if interested.

You can find all this information under the Book Clubs tab on my website. 

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