Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Halloween: Giveaway!

Witchstruck: Book 1 in Tudor Witch
It's Halloween next week, so I'm giving away a copy of my spooky paranormal romance for Young Adult readers, WITCHSTRUCK!

All you have to do to win a copy - from anywhere in the world - is to leave a comment under this post. The comment should, ideally, let us know your favourite and/or least favourite part of Halloween.

For me, the least favourite part of Halloween is having to carve pumpkins! The kids love it, but I hate all that gooey stuff inside and the mess it makes.

My favourite part of Halloween has to be the glowing excitement on my kids' faces as they set out in the dark to go trick-or-treating on our neighbours. That makes all the rest worthwhile!

The winner will be announced on Friday night!


  1. My favourite part of Hallowe'en (at least since All Hallows read was started by Neil gaiman) has been sharing spooky books with the kids I work with.

    The least favourite part of Hallowe'en is dealing with the one or two parents who inevitably pitch a fit about teh evils I am exposing children to by running hallowe'ene vents. I have made a leaflet about what hallows actually means so that helps...

  2. Woo hoo! My first comment. Thanks Matt - and good luck with the Witchstruck Giveaway! (My husband traditionally does the draw, so I don't have to feel guilty when it's only one winner.)


  3. My favourite part (I hope) will be reliving Halloween magic through the eyes of my wee boy, this will be his first Halloween!

    My least favourite part is when it rains, Halloween should be dry, a bit misty maybe....

    Matt this year is the first time I've experienced people with that attitude to Halloween, it wasn't something that had ever crossed my mind before now!

  4. Anyone else? Come on, the clock is ticking!

  5. My favourite part of Halloween is pumpkin carving (sadly, something I won't be doing this year). Yes, I know it's gross and gooey but you get to be all creative and then light it up from the inside!

    My least favourite is having the bowl of Trick or Treat candy by the front door. Because I inevitably eat more than the kids do.

    - Suzanne.

  6. I'd love to read it. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Count me in!

  7. hi! victoria, i'm enter this givaway and i very excited about it...also sharing your post! hoping you have a wonderful day!

  8. I LOVE carving the pumpkin! My (very grown-up now) son draws the face and I saw away at it. Great fun :)

  9. I actually like Halloween, but really dislike all the knocks at the door from kids who don't dress up and have a bit of an entitled attitude for all the chocolate they think they're going to get, lol! ;D

    Ooh and thanks for the giveaway - the book looks fab!

  10. My fav part of Halloween is that adults and children alike can suspend their sense of logical realism and embrace the world outside of our senses! Amanda Beals @amandagbeals

  11. Our favourite part of Halloween is the pumpkin carving! Digging out the insides of that orange bad boy is strangely theraputic!

  12. I love it when the little kids dress up and come trick or treating. They come round with their mummies watching from the gate to check I'm not a weirdo.
    Them: Trick or treat!
    Me: Have a sweetie...oh dear, what a shame you can't pick it up with those spiky long fingernails you've especially bought for Halloween. Hahaha.
    Them: Waaagh!
    Me: Oh shit. Here, let me help you.
    Them: (louder) Waaagh!!
    Me: No honestly, I can help!
    Their mummy: Come away children! Quickly now...

    It's a true story and I really want a copy of Witchstruck because my friend's read it and says it fantatsic.

  13. Thanks everyone for your support and comments!

    My husband is now going to do the draw for a FREE COPY of Witchstruck. Drumroll!!

    ... Unfortunately he has pulled two names out of the draw instead of one. Oh no! Dilemma!

    To be scrupulously fair to both people, we have decided to award two books instead of one this time. And the winners are:

    Jan Jones
    Xandra James

    CONGRATULATIONS! Jan, I'll tweet you, and Xandra, I'll send you an email via your site, hopefully. Witchstruck will go out to you both on Monday.

    Sorry to those who didn't win this time. But never fear, I'm holding a number of other Giveaways this winter. Just watch this blog! And thanks for commenting.

  14. Thanks, Victoria! I very rarely win anything, so this is a real treat :)

    Muchly looking forward to reading it x


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