Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Photo Competition: The Queen's Secret

Here's a fun little October 2012 competition for you.

If while out and about with your smart phone, you spot a copy of The Queen's Secret on a shop display or shelf, here's what to do. Snap a photo and email, tweet or Facebook tag it to me, letting me know where you saw it if possible.

3 randomly selected winners on November 1st will receive a GOODY BAG to include free books and other superbly interesting but as yet undecided items, plus a Thank You card from me.

Email: victoria.lamb44 AT or

Twitter: @VictoriaLamb1

Facebook: Victoria Lamb Author

The Queen's Secret is currently in Asda, Tesco, some branches of Waterstones and some independent retailers. Selected photos will be published on the blog - so include yourself in the photo if you fancy that!

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