Monday, 15 October 2012

Saw That Victoria Lamb Down the Gym

A lonesome place, but fewer to witness one's puffing and ill-fitting gym outfit.  

I only lasted three minutes on this fiercesome contraption. Mountain climbing, anyone?

The One-Handed iPhoto Shot Exercise. With left trainer. What, you don't know it?

It was almost too much for me at one stage. But then I remembered the Snickers bar I had for breakfast ...


  1. I'd much rather go to an empty gym than a full one. Well done you.

    My poor friend Rach joined a gym over a few years ago and during her first session Frank Bruno went to try out a few pieces of equipment with a local tv crew following him and she ended up on the news in the background. She was horrified.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Debs! I doubt anyone famous with a film crew is going to come visiting my gym. It's in the middle of nowhere. Though if I keel over at one of the machines, I might make the local evening news. Vx


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