Monday, 11 February 2013

Guest Blogger: Jo Cotterill

Today I'm delighted to welcome my first guest to this blog, Jo Cotterill, author of 'Model Behaviour' in the Sweet Hearts series, and fellow nominee on this year's RoNA shortlist for Young Adult Romantic Novel of the Year.

Over to you, Jo!

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An Award? Moi? Oh well, if you insist…
When you write books, you hope someone will read them. In fact, you hope a lot of people will read them, so that you can keep on writing more books. But authors are greedy (and I speak personally here): we want everything. We want the big sales figures, we want reviews in major newspapers – and we want awards. I’m only being honest. I can’t think of a single author who would go, ‘An award? For me? You know, I’m all right – I’ll pass…’
Which is why I’m soooo made up to be on the shortlist for the YA Romantic Novel of the Year Award. And to be honest again, my excitement is based almost entirely on the fact that I Will Be Going To An Awards Ceremony. It’s described as a ‘glittering reception’. Oh yes please! And the awards are being presented by Richard and Judy! I never watched Richard and Judy, but that’s not the point. They’re famous people! Famous people my mother has heard of!
I’ve been to a couple of awards ceremonies before. But I wasn’t nominated – I was there as a ‘local author’. The one awards ceremony I was invited to as a shortlisted author was back in 2008 and I was nine months pregnant and couldn’t travel. So you can see how overly thrilled I am about this one.
I am not expecting to win. No, honestly – I know everyone says that. But I’m not. My book is aimed at slightly younger readers than the others on the shortlist and it possibly doesn’t have the sophistication the judges might be looking for. Plus I’ve been reading some of the other books on the shortlist (including Victoria ’s wonderful Witchstruck!) and they’re Really Good. I am just delighted to be on the shortlist at all.
I’m hoping that I don’t go down with flu, or break my leg, or find that all trains to London have been cancelled on the day of the ceremony. If necessary, I shall walk with a crutch all 60-odd miles. Hmm. Well, maybe not. But I would be GUTTED if something made me miss it!
So here’s to awards, glittering receptions (what does that mean, anyway? Is everything sparkly?) and Richard and Judy. And here’s hoping that Victoria and I make it unharmed to the ceremony and have a Really Good Time. Hurrah!

Thanks, Jo, and good luck!


Jo’s book, Model Behaviour (part of the Sweet Hearts series), is available from Amazon and is suitable for girls aged 9-13. You can read more about the Sweet Hearts series at


  1. I'm completely with you on at least two points there, Jo. Excited about the party and think the other books on the list are amazing.


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