Friday, 5 April 2013

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I want to celebrate my wonderful twin sons, who are both autistic.

My twin boys are ten years old now, and are marvellous people. They are polite and friendly, they love books and computer games, they help out around the house - with a little push from Mum, ahem - and sometimes they even think about keeping their bedroom tidy. Though the actual tidying doesn't happen very often.

Our family at Christmas 2012

In other words, they are perfectly ordinary ten year old boys. 

Autism, for our family, is just how things are. Like a character trait, it's just one part of who our boys are and how their world works. But that's not the only way autism can be viewed. Every child is different, and every family approaches this condition differently.

Many people, perhaps surprisingly, are still not aware of autism or what kind of condition it is. This partly stems from what a broad range autism encompasses as a condition. For our boys, it largely affects the way they see the world - and sometimes the way the world sees them. But we're hopeful that the more people become aware of autism, and bring it into the mainstream, the easier it will be for those with autism to be understood and appreciated for what they bring to society.

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