Thursday, 18 April 2013

Interview at the Pittsburgh Examiner

For those who enjoy the quick Ten Questions style interview - including the traditional tea or coffee question - there's a new one with me up at the Pittsburgh Examiner.




  1. Great interview, Victoria. I don't know much abut Louis Quatorze and I've always had a soft spot for Henry VIII, even though I hated what he did to Katherine, so I'd choose him.

  2. Sorry I should be clearer - Katherine of Aragon and the other Katherine toe, Katherine Howard! I've never been too sympathetic to Anne Boleyn because of her role in Katherine of Aragon's downfall...

    Jane Seymour and the third Katherine, Katherine Parr, got off relatively lightly of course...if you can call dying in childbirth getting of lightly that is. I think that overall, Madam Parr was the lucky winner!

  3. Thanks, Maria! I can't ever imagine having a soft spot for Henry VIII - see my forthcoming book Witchfall for full details on how much I dislike him as an historical character - but I suspect the real 'winner' was Anne of Cleves. As far as we know, she didn't even have to sleep with the horrible man!

    1. Yes, how could I forget? I read a wonderful historical novel many years ago about Anne of Cleves which showed that the artist Holbein, who painted her beautifully, was the one who really saw her inner beauty. It was a lovely read and I'm shattered that I can't remember the author's name....


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