Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Kittens Have Landed!

Mum licks kitten clean soon after birth.
Bo, our very beautiful cat, has finally had her first litter of kittens after an elephantine pregnancy. She only produced two kittens in the end, perhaps because she is still quite a young cat, but both kittens are large and healthy, and were feeding strongly within a few moments of birth.

The kittens were born, despite our best efforts to keep her in the "birthing box" we had prepared, on my twin sons' alcove windowsill, on an old fleece, with her sister acting as midwife. We had gone out shopping, and when we came back, I saw sister Jangles staring wildly out of the window at us.

This lively one keeps wriggling off the fleece.

When I ran upstairs, I found Jangles keeping a wary guard over one wet kitten on the windowsill, while Bo was on the floor, licking a second kitten clean. (I tried not to shriek at the bloodstains on the white carpet!)

Kitty No. 2 had clearly fallen off the windowsill shortly after birth, which could only have been a few moments before, as the kitty was still covered in its yellowish sac and attached to its tiny placenta by the umbilical cord, which the cat then devoured before my astonished eyes!

"If I let you take photos of my kitties, I get another saucer of milk, right?"

I scooped up mum and new babies in the fleece and carried them downstairs to the birthing box, which is situated in a large dog cage to protect them from draughts - and indeed from the curiosity of the dog, who is a bouncy Red Setter!

They are now doing well, and the kitten who fell off the windowsill seems unharmed. And Bo has been out of her box for food and water etc. and gone back to nurse, which is excellent news. She is very motherly and acts protectively when they squeak in their tiny voices, but doesn't appear too concerned by our interest in the kittens.

I don't imagine it will be long before these two newcomers to the household are causing as much mischief as Bo and Jangles did when they first arrived about a year ago!

It's always dinner time in this box ...


  1. Congrats on the successful delivery of her two little kittens! :)

  2. What an eventful birth! Can't wait to see more photos as they grow :)

  3. Congrats!! They're very cute.
    i wanna hug them....aaahhhh!! :)

  4. Congrats! That was a long wait. Good to hear that everything went well.

  5. Hooray! Have you thought of names yet?

  6. Thanks, all! My youngest daughter would like to call the stripey one Tiger - of course!!! - and the other one Panther. We'll have to see how their personalities turn out. :)


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