Monday, 27 May 2013

Witchstruck on £1.99 promo

If you haven't bought Witchstruck yet and have a Kindle, it's currently on promotion for only £1.99 on Amazon UK.

This is award-winning paranormal fiction, named YA Romance of the Year 2013, first in the Tudor Witch series, now at a staggeringly low price for a limited period only.

"Not just for teens!"

Find Witchstruck on UK Amazon.


  1. That promo'snot on on In India the price comes out at Indian Rupees 622.00. Just thought you might like to know...

  2. Yes, thanks Maria, sadly that's true. But I do mention in the post above 'Amazon UK' specifically, not the US.

    Witchstruck is published by someone different in the US - Harlequin Teen - and isn't out there until September. I'm afraid I have no say over pricing, this not being a self-published book.


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