Friday, 21 June 2013

More Witches In Boxes

Witchfall on Amazon UK

A large cardboard box just arrived for me, and when I tore it open with trembling hands, there were these utterly gorgeous copies of Witchfall nestled inside.

Witchfall is the sequel to Witchstruck, winner of YA Romantic Novel of the Year 2013, and is out very soon, on July 4th.

I can hardly wait!
At the court of Mary Tudor, life is safe for no one. The jealous, embittered queen sees enemies all around her, and the infamous Spanish Inquisition holds the court in its merciless grip. But Meg Lytton has more reason to be afraid than most - for Meg is a witch, and exposure would mean certain death. Even more perilous, Meg is secretly betrothed to the young priest Alejandro de Castillo; a relationship which they must hide at all costs.

In the service of the queen's sister, Princess Elizabeth, Meg tries to use her powers to foretell her mistress's future. But when a spell goes terribly wrong, and Meg begins to have horrifying dreams, she fears she has released a dark spirit into the world, intent on harming her and those around her.

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