Monday, 1 July 2013

Witchy Tweets

Witchstruck, Bk 1

Meg Lytton, heroine of the Tudor Witch Trilogy, is on Twitter!
You can chat with her at @MegTudorWitch

Below is a selection of some of Meg Lytton's witchy tweets. She tweets about magic and her story in the Tudor Witch books.

She has also been known to have twitter rows with Richard from Witchfall at @DeesApprentice and even her beloved Spanish priest, @Alejandro_Tudor. It seems they both occasionally have a short fuse on Twitter where Meg's concerned!

To be alone as a witch is not to be friendless. Listen to the world and be at one with its magic.
Witchfall, Bk 2

Keep a record of your dreams. Watch for patterns and repetition. Work with them in spells. Dreams are the magick of the mind.

Keep your hair and body free from lice, and your nails short. The spirits will not come to the unkempt.

Some metals provoke melancholy. For those suffering an affliction of the spirit, remove all iron from their bedchamber.

Unseen future possibilities exist all around us. Use a dark mirror or shew-stone to guide your choices in life.

To rightly judge career aspects, look to where Saturn is placed natally and in transit. Saturn is the Great Teacher, who both rewards and punishes. 

Not all moments should be busy. Sit awhile in the sun or rain when you can, and strive not to think. Feel the great engine tick beneath you.

To calm a rabid dog, hang three fresh sprigs of rosemary about its neck for a day. If this be not efficacious, get thee another dog.

To call a wild animal to you, settle mind and body quietly, and thrice speak its name in Latin. Place your forefinger on the lips and wait.

If you cannot understand the speech of a summoned spirit, ask it to speak English or Latin. The languages of the celestial realm are many and barbarous.

If a spirit refuses to obey you, dismiss it and call another. Not all spirits bow to the will of the conjuror.

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