Saturday, 21 September 2013

Her Last Assassin: Book 3 of the Lucy Morgan Trilogy

Book Two, His Dark Lady, will be out in paperback soon in the UK
Those waiting for the final instalment in the Lucy Morgan Trilogy (The Queen's Secret; His Dark Lady) may be interested to know that book three, Her Last Assassin, has now passed copyedit stage.

At copyedit stage in a major publishing house, the writer works with a copyeditor on the final manuscript. Continuity and timing are checked, place names verified, general logistics questioned, and of course anything which jars and catches the copyeditor's attention gets a once-over by the writer.

Changes may still be made at this stage, but they are unlikely to be much more than cosmetic - a paragraph may be rearranged or rewritten, individual words may be deleted or added, and occasionally other work may be suggested. But any larger revisions - changes to the plot structure or character development - should already have been done to the editor's satisfaction.

All that remains after this stage is proofs: a final check that nothing has been missed, then on to the printing stage!

Her Last Assassin will be out in hardback in early 2014. Cover reveal coming soon!

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