Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Visiting London: Talk at the RNA meeting

I'm thrilled to be giving a talk tomorrow at the London meeting of the Romantic Novelists Association.

I'll be talking to the RNA about writing Young Adult romance, with particular reference to how my YA books as Victoria Lamb compare to the historical adult fiction I write for Bantam.

I'll also be seeing various editors while in town, and my agent. Though as I was saying to a writer friend on Twitter last night, it's lovely to swan about in London for events like this, but I'm always more comfy at home in my PJs, writing my book and feeding the rabbit.

Looking through my mother's diaries, who wrote bestselling romance as Charlotte Lamb, I have been entertained by her own comments on talks she gave to the RNA. It's rather odd to be following in her footsteps like this ...

Odd but somehow comforting. Romance is the family business.

I may also, ahem, find a little time for shopping while in London. Though since I'm being "good", it will probably just be window-shopping.

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