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PERFIDITAS: Alison Morton guest blog

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The Second One
When I launched my first novel, INCEPTIO, on the unsuspecting world earlier this year, it was the end of three years’ slog, some of which was writing, rewriting and polishing the book, but an equal part was learning How To Be A Novelist. I went on specialist courses, to conferences, joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association (where I met the fascinating Victoria Lamb who kindly endorsed INCEPTIO!), networked and drank a lot of coffee and wine in the process. 

There followed a frantic period of a high-profile launch with Sue Cook the broadcaster, blog tours, library talks, speaking at conferences and events, signings, shortlisting for the International Rubery Book Award and the award of a B.R.A.G. MedallionTM for excellence. Oh, and I sold a few books.

Seven months later and the next book is out. Set in the same imaginary country of Roma Nova, it bursts with spies, intrigue, Roman themes, romance and derring-do, all tied together with a tough, but sometimes bewildered, heroine. And betrayal and rebellion are in the air.

When you write a book, you hope someone will read it. In fact, you hope a lot of someones will enjoy it and tell their friends, workmates, family, their local reporter, the cousin who works on the national newspaper – you get the picture. Fellow writers can be especially supportive; as purveyors of literature they know a good (or bad) thing when they read it.  So I’m honoured by Victoria’s second invitation to be a guest here today and blather about my new book. 

What’s PERFIDITAS about?
Captain Carina Mitela of the Praetorian Guard Special Forces is in trouble – one colleague has tried to kill her and another has set a trap to incriminate her in a conspiracy to topple the government of Roma Nova. Founded sixteen hundred years ago by Roman dissidents and ruled by women, Roma Nova barely survived a devastating coup d’état thirty years ago. Carina swears to prevent a repeat and not merely for love of country.

Seeking help from a not quite legal old friend could wreck her marriage to the enigmatic Conrad. Once proscribed and operating illegally, she risks being terminated by both security services and conspirators. As she struggles to overcome the desperate odds and save her beloved Roma Nova and her own life, she faces the ultimate betrayal… 

PERFIDITAS: what others have said
“Sassy, intriguing, page-turning. Roma Nova is a fascinating world” - Simon Scarrow
Powerful storytelling, vivid characters and a page-turning plot”
– Jean Fullerton
Scenes and characters are sometimes so vividly described that I felt I was watching a movie” – Sue Cook
 And here’s a PERFIDITAS book trailer with some exciting music:

PERFIDITAS is available through your local bookshop (paperback), on your local Amazon (paperback and ebook) and on other online retailers.

You can read more about Alison, Romans, alternate history and writing here on her blog at
Twitter: @alison_morton


  1. Thanks for having me on your site, Victoria. I hope readers found it interesting and possibly amusing. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Alison. No comments, but plenty of hits! And I mentioned you today at the North Cornwall Book Festival, talking about alternative history. :)

    1. Wow! Thank you. I gather your festival is going very well!


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