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His Dark Lady GIVEAWAY!

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I am thrilled that PUBLICATION DAY is here at last!

To celebrate the publication of HIS DARK LADY in paperback today across the United Kingdom, I am giving away THREE copies to UK readers.

You can also find the novel in Tesco supermarkets, most good bookshops and from online retailers.


"A powerful portrait of the pain incurred by the queen who turned herself into a living legend" (The Lady) 

HIS DARK LADY: out NOW in paperback

To go in the draw for a FREE copy of this 528 page novel of intrigue and romance at the court of Elizabeth I, told by Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare, Lucy Morgan and spy Master Goodluck, just leave a comment below this blog post.

In your comment, please let me know why you think Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, never married!

HIS DARK LADY, Book Two in the Lucy Morgan, Shakespeare's Mistress trilogy

London, 1583

William Shakespeare has declared Lucy Morgan the inspiration for his work. But what is he hiding from his muse?

Meanwhile, Lucy has her own secrets to conceal. Tempted by love, the lady-in-waiting also bore witness to the one marriage forbidden by the queen.

England is in peril. Queen Elizabeth's health is deteriorating, her throne under siege. She needs a trusted circle of advisors.but who can she turn to when those closest have proved disloyal?

And just how secure is Lucy's fate, now she has learned the dangerous art of keeping secrets?

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  1. I believe Elizabeth the 1st never married due to the political situation of her times.The court was in too many varied factions and as a Spinster she was able to manage and control all parties where as a marriage would have ousted one or more groups leading to a higher risk of her throne being challenged

  2. I think it was a mix of the political and the personal.

    Politically, she was worried about England becoming subservient to a foreign power, and even if she had married the younger son of a Protestant ruler, she could not be sure that unexpected deaths in his family would not bring that about.

    It would also have been risky for her to marry an Englishman as every eligible man of rank would have been jealous of whoever she chose.

    Of course, as well as these complications, she would have been reluctant to share her power, too, when she had survived so much to become Queen in the first place.

    Personally, I think there was an element that if she could not marry the only man - Robert Dudley - who I think she would have married if she had not had to think of so much more than herself, then she would not marry anyone.

    There were also the fears that played a part in it too. Everyone points at her mother's fate as one of the sources of her reluctance to marry, but I think having seen so many women die in childbirth - including two of her stepmothers - would have played a huge part too.

    It really was a "perfect storm" of factors, and I think a very sad one, as I think as an old woman she was not very happy, and maybe if she had been able to have a family she would not have been as petty with those around her as she aged, but of course we can never know for sure.

  3. I think she never married because marriage in that time meant submission to the husband and Elizabeth didn't want to lose her power.

  4. I think Elizabeth wanted to keep power to herself, rather than share it. Her position was precarious enough, given her background as the daughter of Anne Boleyn, and she would not want that weakened by a marriage where she would automatically be pushed into the background. Added to which there weren't many Protestant kings or princes around, and she had to be seen to be staunchly Protestant otherwise her claim on the throne was weakened further.

    I think she also enjoyed her sexual power over men, and used the promise of marriage to good effect during her reign.

  5. I believe that, once she had grasped the extent of her power, she chose not to marry so as not to relinquish that power as she would have been subservient to any husband. She would have been too much for any 'normal' man - didn't she once say that she had the heart and stomach of a man?

  6. My answer to the question is a simple one, but I doubt it is correct!
    As an incurable romantic, I'd like to think Elizabeth 1 never married, because the man she truly loved was unavailable to her ... and therein lies a good story! ... Rosy

  7. I think Elizabeth never married because she didn't want to give her power to a man - and the marriages she had seen were hardly inspiring, with her father's six marriages and her sister Mary's marriage.

  8. Thanks everyone for replying to my Giveaway question!

    I agree with the view that Elizabeth did not want to lose her power and independence, and since marriage in those days meant complete subservience to a man, she would have feared being taken over. Her sister's husband Philip of Spain was a 'consort', much as the current queen's husband is, rather than being in charge, but Elizabeth would have seen him flout the terms of their marriage agreement to keep England neutral where Spain's foreign policies were concerned, dragging England into his war against the French - which is how we lost Calais to the French, which had long been a part of England. So she knew that prenuptial agreements were not always honoured, since even if she married Robert, a man she clearly loved, the likelihood was that she would find it hard to disagree with a man who shared her bed. And she knew that her mother had been executed for possibly trumped-up charges in her father's scrabble for an heir, as Catherine Howard, her young stepmother was also later executed, plus the many divorces, and Jane Seymour's death in childbirth ... Then there was her royal cousin's example: Mary Stuart, whose foolish second marriage was to a man who all but destroyed her before he was assassinated. If that was what love - or infatuation - did to a queen, she wanted none of it. Hence her lifelong refusal to wed. Whether she was a lifelong virgin is harder to assess, especially given her scandalous closeness to various men, perhaps especially the French Duke d'Anjou, who notoriously spent many hours closeted with her in her private chambers!! But she even refused to marry him ...

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