Thursday, 31 July 2014

WITCHRISE has risen!

I'm thrilled to announce that today is Publication Day for WITCHRISE, third and final novel in my Tudor Witch Trilogy with Random House.

It's been an exciting journey to publication of this final book, with many unexpected twists and turns, rather like Meg's own journey to the end of this tale. But we got there eventually, the two of us together, and I'm going to miss my impulsive Meg now that it's all over. And Alejandro too, with his smouldering good looks and sexy Spanish accent!

But maybe one day my young Tudor witch will return ...

Victoria x

WITCHRISE: published today!
Oxfordshire, 1555.

Meg Lytton was born with a powerful gift for magic, as her mother and aunt were before her. But practising witchcraft in Tudor England is a dangerous business - as is hiding her secret betrothal to the handsome young priest, Alejandro de Castillo.

Meg is called back into the service of Princess Elizabeth, who has fallen passionately in love with Robert Dudley - a married man. When Meg cannot foretell a happy future for Elizabeth and Dudley, the furious, tempestuous princess turns on Meg.

Even more perilous, Meg learns that her enemy, the cruel witchfinder Marcus Dent, has joined forces with none other than the dark and ruthless priests of the Spanish Inquisition. She is in greater danger than ever - and her future with Alejandro hangs in the balance.


Thursday, 10 July 2014


US edition: WITCHRISE giveaway
For US and Canadian readers only, this is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on a free copy of WITCHRISE.

This Goodreads giveaway for the last book in my Tudor Witch Trilogy will be running from now until early September, when the book is published in the States.

There will also be a WITCHRISE giveaway for UK readers very soon, never fear!

WITCHRISE is published in the UK this month.