Sunday, 30 November 2014

Her Last Assassin

If you are looking for a gripping historical read as a Christmas present, or just for yourself, why not consider the recently published paperback edition of HER LAST ASSASSIN?

"Very enticing and a fine, original take on the period. If you want a Tudor court tale, then this is a good one."

Lady-in-waiting Lucy Morgan is once again torn between her dangerous attraction to William Shakespeare and her loyalty to Queen Elizabeth I.

England is facing its gravest threat yet. The Spanish have declared war, and Elizabeth finds herself attacked by sea – and by Catholic conspiracy from within her own court. Master Goodluck goes undercover, tasked with discovering the identity of this secret assassin, leaving his ward Lucy not knowing if the spy is alive or dead. 

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth is growing old in a court of troublesome young noblemen, while Lucy is struggling to love a man whose duties lie elsewhere.

When the final challenge comes, these two women must be ready to face it. But there is one last surprise in store for both of them …

Out with Bantam, Random House

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