Victoria Lamb

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Victoria Lamb is a novelist with two historical series from Random House set in the Tudor era, one for adults (Bantam) and one for Young Adult readers (Corgi).

She also writes poetry and literary fiction as Jane Holland, and adult romance as Elizabeth Moss.

Born in Essex in the mid-sixties, Victoria is the middle daughter of bestselling novelist Charlotte Lamb and the classical biographer Richard Holland. When the family later moved to the peaceful Isle of Man, Victoria was brought up in rural surroundings in a home full of books.

She returned to England for her education as an adult, and married there. While living in Warwickshire, affectionately known as Shakespeare Country, she began writing The Queen's Secret, a novel set at nearby Kenilworth Castle during an epic visit by Queen Elizabeth I in 1575.

Victoria now lives in Cornwall with her husband, four of her five children, and a highly energetic Irish Red Setter. In her leisure time, she has been known to write poetry and go for long walks across the moors. She writes other kinds of fiction under various names, and as a former Warwick Poet Laureate, her poetry is published under the name Jane Holland.

The Queen's Secret (Bantam Press) is a story of intrigue, espionage and romance set against the backdrop of Elizabeth I's epic visit to Kenilworth Castle in 1575. It is the first in a trilogy about the unusual life of singer and court entertainer Lucy Morgan, a candidate for Shakespeare's "Dark Lady".

The second book in the Lucy Morgan trilogy, His Dark Lady, is due out from Bantam in February 2013.

Witchstruck is the first in a new "Tudor Witch" series from Corgi Books for Young Adult readers: Twilight meets The Other Boleyn Girl in this gripping and passionate tale of Meg, a spirited young witch learning her craft amidst the danger and intrigue of sixteenth-century England.

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