Book Clubs

Contact Victoria Lamb or Transworld with details of your Book Club to receive these free bookmarks
If you belong to a book club that is reading one of my books, I am happy to answer email questions about my work or writing in general. Please state Book Club Query in the subject line if you can, to ensure quick attention.

My email address is victoria.lamb44 @

In some cases, I am even able to attend book club meetings in person, if given plenty of advance notice. Since I am currently based in the South West, other areas of the UK might prove tricky. But it's always worth asking.

I also have free promotional materials - such as the bookmarks above - and Book Club Discussion brochures available for book club members who are reading my books. Again, please contact if interested.


  1. Hi Victoria, Just wondering if you've compiled a list of Book Club contacts and, indeed, fans, you might be able to tell about your visit to North Cornwall Book Festival on October 25... All best, Patrick

  2. Hi Patrick, I don't have a list, no. I would have to dig out my contacts. Though since those I remember contacting are based in the London area, I doubt my visit to the North Cornwall Festival would make much difference to them!

    I'll blog it soon though. And again nearer the date. Cheers.


Many thanks for visiting my website and commenting! Victoria.