Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will The Queen's Secret be available in the United States?
A: Good news. The Queen's Secret was published in the US by Berkley (Penguin USA) in March 2013. Here's a link to it at the Book Depository. Also available on Amazon.com: The Queen's Secret.

Q: So is Witchstruck available in the United States?
A: Yes: all three books in the Tudor Witch trilogy are being published in North America by Harlequin Teen.

Witchstruck is available here on Amazon.com

Witchfall (March 2014)

Witchrise (Autumn 2014).

Q: I'm a blogger and I'd love to review your book. Can I have a free copy, please?
A: We love bloggers! However, Victoria Lamb is not able to give out review copies personally, so your best course of action would be to contact her publishers (Random House) directly. You can reach their publicity department here:
Publicity Department
Random House
20 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 2SA 
or for the "Tudor Witch" series, Random House Children's Books (same postal address):
childrenspublicity @ randomhouse.co.uk

For US bloggers, please request advance copies from Harlequin via NetGalley as usual, or other agencies where available.

Q: Is Victoria Lamb on Twitter and Facebook?
A: Victoria is under Victoria Lamb Author on Facebook, and you can follow Victoria at this address on Twitter: @VictoriaLamb1

Q: Are there going to be any new books about Lucy Morgan, heroine of The Queen's Secret?
A: Yes, The Queen's Secret is the first in a trilogy about Shakespeare's "Dark Lady". The second book in the trilogy is called His Dark Lady and was published in hardback and paperback in 2013. The third and final book is Her Last Assassin, published 2014.

Q: Is Witchstruck the first in a YA paranormal romance series?
A: Witchstruck is the first in Victoria Lamb's "Tudor Witch" series, which follows the fortunes of Meg Lytton, Tudor teen witch, as she struggles to survive a series of trials in Witchfall and Witchrise. You can also now follow Meg Lytton on Twitter, as @MegTudorWitch

Q: We're reading The Queen's Secret in our Book Club. Do you have any giveaways for Book Club readers?
A: Yes, I can offer some delicious bookmarks for giveaway to UK Book Clubs only.

These can be personally signed if you wish. I also have Q&A suggestions for Book Club discussions. Please email me at victoria.lamb44 @ gmail.com for more details, citing Book Clubs in the subject line and providing details of your UK Book Club.

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