The Queen's Secret

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The Queen's Secret
- a novel of the Tudor Court

Warwickshire, 1575
Pomp, fanfare and a wealth of lavish festivities await Elizabeth I at Kenilworth Castle. Organised by the Earl of Leicester, he knows this celebration is his last chance to persuade the Queen to marry him. But, a fickle man, he is unable to resist the seductive wiles of Lettice Knollys.
Enraged by the couple’s growing intimacy, Elizabeth employs a young black singer and court entertainer to keep a watch on them. Brought up by a spy, Lucy’s observational skills are sharper than anyone at the castle realises, and she soon uncovers far more than she bargained for: someone at Kenilworth is plotting to kill the queen.
Can Lucy's discovery prevent the queen's death? Or has it put Lucy in mortal danger instead?
Bantam Press
Hardback/Kindle Edition March 2012
Paperback July 2012

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